"Measurement of the time-dependent CP asymmetry in B-0 -> J/psi K-S(0) decays"

Authors: Aaij, R.
Abellan Beteta, C.
Adametz, A.

This Letter reports a measurement of theCP violation observables S J/ψK 0 S and C J/ψK 0 S in the decay channel B 0 →J/ψK 0 S performed with 1.0fb−1 of pp collisions at √ s =7 TeV collected by the LHCb experiment. The fit to the data yields S J/ψK 0 S =0.73±0.07(stat)±0.04(syst) and C J/ψK 0 S = 0.03±0.09(stat)±0.01(syst). Both values are consistent with the current world averages and within expectations from the Standard Model

Links: http://repository.vnu.edu.vn/handle/VNU_123/32760

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